“It ALL Turns To Ashes”

We are proud to announce new album called “It All Turns To Ashes”
This new epos:
Recorded in the “Bohus Sound Studios”.
Stefan Karlsson (Soul Reaper) and Dragan Tanaskovic . In flames Hardcore Superstar among others has recorded at Bohus Sound Studios.

“Grief of Emerald – It All Turns To Ashes”
Will be unleashed upon mankind this winter!!!! And will be released true Non Serviam Records that we have a fantastic cooperation with. http://www.facebook.com/nonserviamrecords?fref=ts
The New album layout is done by shemyaz and Kheper art Studiohttp://www.facebook.com/KheperStudio?fref=ts
We are going to release exact date the fourth coming week and a new song. Stay tuned for updates