“It All Turns TO Ashes”

It is now possible to buy our new album “It All Turns to Ashes “ at the most webstores and digital media.

You can buy the new album directly from our Record company  Non Servian Records  order@non-serviam-records.com

You can also listen via streaming on for Example Spotify .

We have also some special deals at our facebook site so make sure to add us here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grief-of-emerald/205899279441696

We are very Thankfull of the great reviews of the album for Example

I haven’t witness such energy and strength for such a long time of my journalistic career.

GOE has definitely such a potential to offer and their brand new offering really could stand side by side with many already established names from extreme metal genre. If you are a follower of symphonic extreme metal then you are more then welcome to check out this material!

Marko Miranovic (8/10

For Clubs, and festivals, yes we are very interested in live gigs, take contact