Grief of Emerald has been (and still is) an important and influential part of the Swedish underground metal movement since the mid 90′s.

In that period the band released three cult albums:

“Nightspawn” (1998),
“Malformed Seed” (2000),
“Christian termination” (2002),

All these albums were released through Listenable Records.

Grief of Emerald went on tour and played at several festivals to promote these albums. The bands they shared stages with: (among others):
Immortal, Necrophobic, Sear Bliss, Bestial mockery and so on.

In 2011 Grief of Emerald released a new album called: “The Devils Deep”
The album was released to show the world that Grief of Emerald
had regrouped and still was a force to reckon with.
The album was released through Non Serviam Records.
It contained four new songs as well as three remakes of classic
Grief of Emerald songs.

In the end of 2012 a new full-length album called “It all turns to ashes” was released.
It was very well received by the media and Grief of Emerald gained more fans all over the world.

A couple of gigs were done in The Netherlands and Germany co-headlining with Trident as well as a few local shows in Sweden in 2013/14.

Grief Of Emerald are currently in the process of completing material for a sixth full-length album and will do a mini tour in the south of Sweden by the end of 2014.

The current lineup is:
Johnny Lehto: Guitar and vocals
Robert Axelsson: Bass and vocals
Johan Havås: Keyboard
Jonas Blom: Drums
Christer Bergqvist: Guitars